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Aerial Yoga is a unique, new way to practice yoga. In our classes we combine  traditional yoga postures with new movements using fabric hammocks, also referred to as a yoga swing or a silk.  The yoga silk is suspended from the ceiling which allows us to playfully fly and float with fluid movements. Suspending in the air releases tension on bones and muscles as we work against gravity, creating space in the body without compressing joints and the spine.


The yoga swing is intended to assist with alignment and deepen our awareness. The silk, like any other yoga prop, becomes an excellent learning tool. Although we do many fun, challenging acrobatics moves (on some classes) we still maintain our traditional yoga philosophy. 



Some of the benefits of Aerial Yoga

    •    Decompression of the spine and tight joints

    •    Increased core strength

    •    Increased flexibility and balance

    •    Improved posture and posture alignment

    •    Complete relaxation

    •    Deeper stretches, with less straining

    •    Overall muscular strengthening

    •    Increased self-esteem by conquering everyday fears


Most people can engage in Aerial Yoga with few to no problems or little or no experience, however, if any of the following apply to you,

you should consider a different form of exercise or — at the very least— consult with your doctor and yoga instructor before trying an aerial



    •    Easy onset vertigo

    •    Inner ear problems

    •    Severe balance issues

    •    Severe muscle spasm

    •    Severe neck or back pain

    •    Recent surgery

    •    Osteoporosis or bone weakness

    •    Glaucoma

    •    Very high or low blood pressure

    •    Propensity for fainting

    •    Recent concussion or head injury

    •    Obesity

    •    Severe arthritis

    •    Head cold, flu or sinusitis

    •    Hiatal hernia

    •    Disc herniation

    •    Pregnancy beyond the 1st trimester

    •    Recent stroke

    •    Radiculitis

    •    Cebral sclerosis

    •    Trauma

    •    Botox within 24 hour



Technically, the maximum load for a hammock is around 2,000 pounds. But, working with the hammock prop can be quite uncomfortable, and therefore not recommended, for students who are 200 pounds or more. One rule of thumb is – if you can do 5 consecutive sit ups you are ready for our basics aerial yoga class.


Aerial yoga might seem like an intimidating exercise at first but it can be incredibly rewarding and exciting.  


Pre-registration is required for our Aerial Yoga classes as we are limited to 7 hammocks.   


Click here to learn how to prepare for your class or first Aerial Yoga Workshop.

Come fly and float with Us! 

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