Hot Power Vinyasa-


It is a vigorous class that builds muscle, strength, endurance and flexibility. We move between poses in one smooth flow without hardly stoping for at least 25 minutes of our practice. Since we are working in a heated room we encourage our students to honor their bodies during class and don't push their limits. In this class we explore advance poses. Intermediate to advance. 

Warm Vinyasa Flow-


Much like Hot Power Vinyasa, you will be building muscle, strength, endurance and flexibility. The only difference here is that we move at a slower pace, stoping between asanas to reconnect with ourselves and our breath. Room still heated at same temp. Great for all levels, specially beginners. 

Restorative Yoga-

This class is design to restore the body and reset the mind from our busy, stressful week. A typical class involves a few poses supported by props. The moves are light and gentle. Light twists, seated forward fold and gentle backbend. You will leave this class feeling new again. 

"Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory"

Invigorating Vinyasa Flow-


Connect with your breath and inner-self as we built balance, flexibility upper body and core strength. This class is a happy medium between Hot Power Vinyasa and Warm Vinyasa Flow. In this class we play with mid to advance poses. Sometimes we encourage our students to play with their favorite poses with our assistance. All levels welcome. Heated class. 

Vinyasa Flow-

Vinyasa can translate to arrange something in a special way. In this class like all other classes we arrange the sequence of movements to flow in a cohesive matter. We move with our breath to improve our mind-body connection as your body get stronger and flexible. This is a beginners,  non-heated class.

Aerial Yoga Class

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