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"Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory"

Warm Vinyasa Flow-


In this class you will be building muscle, strength, endurance and flexibility. We will be moving at a slower pace, stoping between asanas to reconnect with ourselves and our breath. Room is heated and we encourage our students to honor their bodies during class. We encourage you to hydrate prior to class as well. Great for all levels, Beginners friendly.

Morning Slow Flow-

This class is design to restore the body and reset the mind and get you ready to start your day.  The moves are light and gentle. You will leave this class feeling new again. Excellent for beginners. 

Non Heated Vinyasa Flow-

Vinyasa can translate to arrange something in a special way. In this class like all other classes we arrange the sequence of movements to flow in a cohesive matter. We move with our breath to improve our mind-body connection as your body get stronger and flexible. You will learn the basics yoga poses as well as breathing techniques. This is a beginners, non-heated class.

Aerial Yoga Class

It is very important that you read about the contraindications and how to prepare for this class. Please click the link above to learn more.

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